Dan Jackson





Name: " Crazy" Dan Jackson

Status: Single

Born: January 10th

Height / Weight: 6'0" / 180lbs

Birthplace: Keokuk, IA

Residence: Olathe, KS

Hobbies: Moto-X, Supermotard, Golf, Xbox360

Team: TeamXMX

Class: Pro

Mechanic: Steve Smithers

Bike: 2011 Kawasaki ZX6R


2003 XSBA National Champion

2007 Stuntwars National Champion

2008 Aprilia All Star National Champion

2009 Aprilia All Star National Champion




Dan Jackson is a forerunner in the industry, always leading by example as one of the top-ranking freestyle stunt riders in the world. He always exceeds by raising the bar, creating new tricks, and establishing the industry’s expectations for professional riding. Dan began his innovative stunt riding career in early 2000. Dan started his career competing in the XSBA (Xtreme Sport Bike Association), a National Points Series formed by Clear Channel held during the Formula USA (road race) championships. At the time, it was the ONLY touring championship of its kind, like other national championships, the competitors traveled the country earning points at various events, toward being the XSBA National Champion. Among those riders were a majority of the popular and talented street freestyle riders, Dan continues setting these trends, and helps expose the sport to new markets and demographics following the XDL National Points Series. ( Dan Jackson was the 2nd Annual XSBA Nat’l Champion in 2003, and continues to set the pace for competitors today clinching 3 additional National Championships (2007, 2008, and 2009). Dan Jackson is a brand influencing athlete that sets the trends, drives media, and provides for promotional opportunities and advertising. As mentioned above, he has been a brand influencer, a consistent event winning athlete in his sport, and a 4x National Champion. He is well respected by his peers in the industry and looked at as an industry leader.

Dan is versatile and not only an extremely talented freestyle stunt rider but also a producer, stunt instructor, and web designer. He has been featured in over 50 Documented DVDs internationally sold well into the 100,000's. His DVD sales: 50,000 copies sold world wide. Distributors in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, France, China / Japan, Iceland, Greenland, Middle East. Keep a look out for A Few Loose Screws 4 DVD coming 2010!!!

2008 Xtremey Award Nominee - A Few Loose Screws 3 DVD 2006 Xtremey Award "Best Performance in a Sport bike Freestyle" DVD 2006 Xtremey Award Nominee - A Few Loose Screws 2 DVD 2004 Xtremey Award "Best Performance in a Sport bike Freestyle" DVD 2004 Xtremey Award Nominee - A Few Loose Screws DVD

Dan Jackson has been featured in numerous published advertisements including: Alpinestars, Shoei, Scotts Performance, XDL, Tucker Rocky, Lockhart Phillips, Ferodo, Micron, Clear Channel, XSBA AMA, Formula USA, KC Trends, Smithers Customs, Detroit Muscle, Impact Video, and-Factor Video.

Additionally Dan Jackson has been seen in the media and several publications including: Superstreet Bike magazine, 2 Wheel Tuner, Stuntride, Stunter’s edge, Motorcycle Street and Strip, Cycle dreams, Road Racing world, The Asphalt, Street Monsters, Racer X, Quick magazine, Kansas City Star, The Pitch, Olathe news, Daily Gate CitySpeeeaks, Riot Radio, NBC Action News, 38 the Spot, KC Metro Sports, 610 Sports, Fox 4 News 98.9 Rock the Speed Channel, Super Bikes, Nitro Circus, Spike TV, Fuel TV, Worlds Most Amazing Videos, _____________________________________________________________________________________________